Mechanic Mackay: Repairs & Services

We are proud mechanics based in Mackay, Queensland and have been servicing the vehicles of Mackay for 30 years.  Our specialty is automatic transmissions, but our expertise is extensive when it comes to your vehicles.

Mechanic Mackay

Logbook Servicing

Regulary serviced and maintained cars are happy cars.  Maintaining your logbook service history is important for your vehicle’s resale value as well as keeping you and your family safe on the road. 

automatic transmission service

Automatic Transmission Servicing

We are one of Mackay’s few mechanics who are also automatic transmission specialists.  Your automatic car NEEDS to have regular transmission servicing to keep it performing as it should.

mechanic diagnostic

Inspections & Diagnostics

Did we mention we’ve been doing this for a while?  Combine our extensive experience with the latest technology and we’ll have your car back in top shape in no time.   

Tyre check service

Tyre Checks & Alignments

We always check over our customers’ tyres when they’re in for a service.  We can rotate, balance and align your wheels in-house

Engine bay

Engine Services & Tuning

Although modern vehicles are computer controlled, the engine management systems still require routine maintenance to keep them fuel efficient, smooth and reliable.  



 From brake pads to timing belts, we can handle just about any repairs your vehicle needs.

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